The Institute

The Institute

The Institute for tomorrow's great ideas and leaders

The Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – the Institute for tomorrow's great ideas and leaders – aims to enable businesses to recognise and grasp opportunities. We equip current and future leaders with the tools and insights to encourage and channel entrepreneurial initiative, and thus to innovate and prosper.

A changing world

The world faces an unprecedented range of threats and opportunities as the landscape around us changes. Whether related to the transformative power of the internet, the rise of emerging markets, the growing importance of sustainability or one of many other areas of large-scale disruption, these changes can be highly destructive to organisations that fail to understand them. Conversely, for those that know how to adapt and innovate, these are times of immense opportunity. The need for innovation has never been greater and its potential never clearer.

We aim to help businesses and business leaders in three ways

Research is at the heart of the Institute. Building on an existing core of faculty expertise and interest, we conduct rigorous and managerially useful research and scholarship on innovation and entrepreneurship. Our research draws on a diverse range of disciplines and much of it focuses on international cases and perspectives. We aim to build a world-class reputation for academic thought leadership in this field.

We equip individuals, whether students or established managers, with the insights and tools they need to lead innovation within complex environments. London Business School has a long history and significant track record of developing and stimulating successful entrepreneurs. We aim to build on this entrepreneurial spirit by developing talented individuals, both within existing organisations and outside them, to innovate in radical and disruptive ways. The Institute will help to make London Business School the best place in the world to study innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are building a vibrant, inclusive and open community of academic and practitioner thought leaders, facilitating active dialogue and exchange across otherwise separate communities. By identifying new research problems, disseminating new academic insights and sharing experiences, we are becoming the place where all those who lead innovation gather and learn from each other. Our aim is to lead the world in exploring this vital and fascinating field.

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