Student experience

Student experience

We’ve been equipping student entrepreneurs for decades.

We’ve been equipping student entrepreneurs for decades. In the beginning there was the hugely popular ‘Business Planning’ course for MBA students. Over the years we have added enormously to the support we now give aspiring entrepreneurs and many students give this as their main reason for applying to the School.

We support entrepreneurs in five ways:


Through our suite of courses covering all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation – from the initial stages of developing and shaping entrepreneurial opportunities; follow-on courses covering  planning, financing and growing new ventures; and specialist courses in technology, social and emerging market ventures – our ‘capstone’ entrepreneurship course, the Entrepreneurship Summer School, brings together all those who plan to launch a new venture direct from the MBA, and provides one-to-one mentoring from an experienced entrepreneur.

Competitions and challenges

We run and support a wide range of entrepreneurship competitions and challenges at the School, giving students the opportunity to develop, pitch and ‘market test’ their ideas with investors on an international stage. We compete against the best schools internationally in the European Business Plan of the Year Competition, The Venture Capital Investment Competition, the Global Social Ventures Competition and the CleanTech Challenge. Most of these competitions are run by students, providing huge opportunities for leadership and networking. 

Student-run events

Students organise and host a wide range of speaker events with leading players from the entrepreneurship community. Our TELL series brings successful entrepreneurs to campus every fortnight, a major entrepreneurship event each year and frequent ad hoc seminars and talks by leading thinkers and practitioners.

Business angel network

The School has its own Business Angel Network (the E100) which meets quarterly to receive requests for funding, half of which come from past and present students. The School also has an incubator that hosts students starting ventures straight from the MBA, providing a great transition from the School to the venture’s own premises or one of London’s growing number of hubs.

Entrepreneurial community

Perhaps most important is the entrepreneurial community that has grown over the years – students, alumni, faculty, investors and entrepreneurs – all wanting to learn from and ‘boast’ to  each other about their ventures. There is a real sense of community and excitement surrounding new ventures, and those who actually go out and do it are the heros of that community.

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