GripSense winners of the Dhruv Batra prize.

GripSense winners of the Dhruv Batra prize.

The London HealthTech Challenge 2015, that took place at London Business School, shows what can happen when multidisciplinary teams form around a great technology.

This is the first year that the challenge has run. It clearly hit a rich vein – there were around 25 entries from four countries and short-listed five potential technologies to present on the night before a group of biomedical entrepreneurs and investors on June 1st. Each finalist received dedicated mentoring and coaching prior to facing the judges.

The winner was Gripsense – a team of three from UCL and LBS. They observed that very few physiotherapy patients stick to exercises recommended for them by physiotherapists post injury. Their idea was to develop a device that monitored how assiduously patients follow the prescribed regimen. The technology itself, ‘Gripsense’, comprises a smart orthosis that continually monitors, supports, and encourages progress in rehabilitative exercise in post stroke-patients’. orthosis . It uses EMG & pressure data to support patients in rehab exercises and help physiotherapists tailor treatments for better & quicker recovery. The hope is that what gets measures gets done!

The two UCL Founders, Guilia Barbareschi (an physiotherapy practitioner and PhD student who designed the regimen), Rhys Williams (a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering who designed the device) and one LBS founder Nay Abi Rami, (studying for an MBA, who developed the commercial case) were encouraged by their win and now have to decide on the next steps for their business.

The Gripsense team received the Dhruv Batra prize £10,000, generously donated by Aditya Talwar in memory of Dhruv.

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