New kids on the block - what does it take to enter the 'House'?

Confession time! Owen Woolcock (MBA 2015) met with Jane Khedair (Head of Entrepreneurship, LBS Career Services) to learn about the LBS Incubator and a handful of would be ‘housemates’ to understand their motivations for applying to the 'House'.

For many business schools, building the entrepreneurial environment is nothing short of an arms race. Schools know a Warby Parker (Wharton), Rent the Runway (Harvard) or Instagram (Stanford) success story not only brings prestige to the School, but also attracts future high calibre applicants who wish to begin their own entrepreneurial journeys in the best place possible.

Now in its sixth year, the London Business School Incubator (‘the House’) is busy sifting through a record number of applications for its next intake of potential entrepreneurial success stories. The ideas and platforms on show are as diverse as the industries they hope to one day thrive in: from clean technology solutions, to education software platforms, to social media and online shopping applications.

To read the full article visit: London Entrepreneurship Review

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