Do some women choose to make less than men?

A recent study by London Business School proposed that female social entrepreneurs in the UK actually chose to pay themselves 29 percent less than their male counterparts. While most of us are used to seeing similar headlines about the pay gap, what's surprising about this particular one is that the pay disparity was suggested to be voluntary. While feminists around the world are striving to achieve fair pay for both sexes, this study proposed that some women purposely paid themselves less than their male counterparts.

This research, conducted by Saul Estrin, researcher and visiting professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, suggests these findings point to a global issue that impacts females in every profession around the world. Estrin believes discrimination can no longer explain the gender pay gap if women are choosing their salaries, like the ones in this study. He provides two main reasons for the voluntary pay inequality, which are job satisfaction and risk aversion.

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