LBS Inspires MBA Entrepreneur To Kick-start Jewellery Design Business

Connie Nam MBA2011 had her hopes invested in a finance bank and before aspiring to study an MBA, was set on a career in equity capital. She worked for Credit Suisse in South Korea for a number of years, before joining HSBC as an Associate focused on markets in South East Asia and India. A jewellery design business could not be farther afield.

“My dad was in finance so I grew up in that environment,” she continues. “I ran through a couple of internships and that led me to getting into banking. But by the fifth year I hit a wall; I decided to switch careers and that’s why I studied an MBA.”

She may have wanted to join a big luxury company somewhere in Europe, but studying at LBS inspired her to launch an entrepreneurial venture ahead of schedule. An MBA helped her overcome her challenges and she is now thriving in fashion and design.

“We do a lot of case studies on businesses at LBS, so you learn to make fewer mistakes,” she explains. “LBS have an incubator system, and I was a part of the startup incubator for a year, getting guidance from the professors. When I first started I also reached out to alumni in relevant industries, and they were responsive.”

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