Time to cut our leaders some slack

Ignore the cynical business bashing by politicians playing to a gallery that is not listening. Smart voters know that entrepreneurship and innovation fuel greater national and personal prosperity. As do most business leaders who believe that Britain has been great for business, despite five decades of boom and bust.

Earlier this week, to celebrate their respective 50th anniversaries, London Business School and the Business section of the Sunday Times invited Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos, Carolyn McCall of easyjet, Martin Sorrell of WPP and Lord Burns of Santander and Channel 4 to debate the question: Has Britain been great for business?

Three of the four leaders told an audience of over 200 that it had, their conclusion in tune with the majority of more than 300 senior executives surveyed by London Business School. Britain has survived the four horsemen of the economic apocalypse and successfully fostered a creative ecology in which businesses have flourished. How has it succeeded?

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