China's investment appetite knows no bounds

China confirmed earlier this week that it will invest GBP105bn in British infrastructure by 2025. Such a colossal statement of intent underlines a clear vision of Chinese leaders; to target active assets with safe returns.

A Chinese official commented that, judging by current trends, outbound direct investment (which has experienced a 21.6% year-on year rise in 2014 to date) is set for the first time to exceed investment into the country.

We know that many more Chinese companies and executives are coming to London to learn. 'We have seen a huge increase in executives attending programmes here,' observed David Brown, Executive Director for Executive Education at London Business School.

'Where previously we might have seen managers attending Finance or Marketing courses we now see interest from executives in Strategy, Leadership and General Management courses.'

There are also increasing levels of engagement from the leaders of companies. Earlier this year The China Entrepreneurs Club, a non-profit organisation made up of the most influential business leaders in China, came to London Business School to gain insight into effective leadership, influence, human resources, branding and marketing.

Mr. Wu Shaowu, CEO Hong Kong Ocean Union Group and Founder and Chief Architect, Health Valley, said: 'The CEC and London Business School are helping enterprises who want to stand out from the crowd and enter international markets. This strategy is crucial to Chinese entrepreneurs who want to move forward and innovate successfully.'

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