Authenticity Study - Integrity Matters As Consumer Anger Reaches Boiling Point

Nearly nine in 10 global consumers (87 percent) say it is important for businesses to act with integrity at all times, surpassing the number who rate striving to innovate (72 percent) and bringing unique products to market (71 percent) as factors in their buying decisions, according to the third Authentic Brands report from Cohn & Wolfe, which canvassed the opinions of 12,000 consumers across 12 markets.

The study also found global anger at corporate malfeasance reaching a boiling point. Following a year of high-profile data security breaches, product recalls and food contamination scares from a number of well-known brands, consumers across some of the world’s biggest markets have reported a significant rise in anger about perceived dishonesty from global businesses.

“We have seen a number of household brands recently caught out by supply chain issues, which has created a culture of suspicion among individuals,” says Professor Ioannis Ioannou, assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School and advisor on the Authentic Brands study. “Some of this extreme anger can also be explained by the proximity effect. People feel strongest about issues that touch them directly and food safety is a clear-cut example of this.”

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