Crowdfunding returns 150 percent result for LBS start-up

Planned Departure offers secure digital estate planning, making it easier for users to manage digital life and create online succession plans. Formed by EMBA2014s Anand Ramdeo and Komal Joshi, the company received the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (DIIE) 2013 Founders Award and was selected for the School’s prestigious Incubator programme.

Having reached the Seedrs funding target in under a week, the Planned Departure founders plan to leave the campaign open in over funding mode for the next few days, to allow more people to participate and invest.

“We are pleased with the response we have got from the investors so far,” says founder Anand Ramdeo. “This investment will allow us to accelerate the development of innovative features and help us scale our marketing efforts. It’s good to see that investors on Seedrs understood the problem we are solving and believe in the vision we have for Planned Departure.”

Co-founder Komal Joshi explains: “There were couple of reasons for us to take the crowdfunding route. We started Planned Departure because of the problems I faced when my father passed away. We believed that it would be easier for people to understand the importance of the problem we’re solving and invest, if they know the story behind it. Also, crowdfunding platforms provide a good opportunity to increase awareness, demonstrate confidence and address the concerns of users and investors.”

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