MBA Students' Mobile App Start-Ups Compete For Market Share

A clique of mobile app entrepreneurs is feeding a new breed of business school graduate. A group of up-starters experimenting with software development are helping to drive competition in what has been a technology market hotspot.

Instead of pursuing corporate careers, they are writing business plans during MBA and master programs, and developing their products upon graduation.

Many of these entrepreneurs are also collaborating with developers from their business schools’ universities.

In the course of doing so, they are also helping to sustain a sector which many mobile developers fear is beginning to wane.

According to Deloitte, the consultancy, nearly a third of smartphone users do not download apps for their devices in a typical month. The average number of apps downloaded on a monthly basis has fallen considerably this year, Deloitte says in a survey of customers in the UK.

Smartphones have started to saturate mobile markets across Europe and the US, so users downloading new apps have become many developers’ primary sources of growth.

Amidst the competition to find the next killer app, a troupe of MBA graduates have launched mobile development start-ups in an attempt to claim a cut of the market.

Ammar Halabi EMBA2013, co-founder of London-based Funryde Ltd, is attempting to turn smartphones into taxi rides. Funryde was borne from London Business School’s Incubator.

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