London Business School Dean talks to The National Business

Stephen Lock interviewed Sir Andrew Likierman, the Dean of London Business School, for The National Business

SL: What advice would you offer budding entrepreneurs?

AL: I have three pieces of advice.

• Be passionate about succeeding. This is not only important to make sure you can survive the inevitable difficulties of starting and growing a business, but those around you will be inspired to make sure the venture is successful.

• Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. None of us is perfect, and anyway, you can’t do it all yourself. You will need the help of many others to make sure the venture is a success, and understanding what you need is a great start.

• Be flexible. Most early ideas are not feasible and need to be adapted to take account of circumstances. My colleague John Mullins, who specialises in this area, is clear that so you need, as he puts it, to get to Plan B before you start out.

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