New book shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with customer's cash

More than two generations ago, the venture capital community – VCs, business angels, incubators and others – convinced the entrepreneurial world that writing business plans and raising venture capital constituted the twin centrepieces of entrepreneurial endeavour. They did so for good reasons: the sometimes astonishing returns they've delivered to their investors and the astonishingly large companies that their ecosystem has created.

But the vast majority of fast-growing companies never take any venture capital. So where does the money come from to start and grow their companies?

In his new book, Customer-Funded Business, best-selling author John Mullins (Associate Professor of Management Practice in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, London Business School) explains how this funding comes from a much more agreeable and hospitable source – the customers. In The Customer-Funded Business, Mullins uncovers five novel approaches that innovative 21st century entrepreneurs, working in companies large and small, have ingeniously adapted from their predecessors.

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