London MBA's Start-Up Turns Smartphones Into Taxi Rides

London-based Funryde has been ferrying passengers from Big Ben to Brixton. It is in the business of ride-sharing – where car-drivers can pick-up passengers who are going in a similar direction and earn a quick buck on the side. So far it has plugged 2,000 downloads, which is comparatively minute to London’s mammoth population. But the fledgling founders are ambitious.

“Is the ridesharing model disruptive? Perhaps it is, but such are most inventions of real value. It is those very disruptions and innovations that keep advancing the way we live,” says Ammar Halabi, Funryde’s CEO. Halabi will hope to join the ranks of promising taxi-app upstarts including Uber, Hailo and GrabTaxi, the latter also founded by MBA graduates.

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