Improved access to lifesaving drugs derived from academic research led by LBS Professor

IBM has announced a collaboration with the Zambian Ministry of Health to provide citizens with improved access to 200 lifesaving drugs. Supported by London Business School, the World Bank, the Department for International Development and UNICEF, Zambia's Medical Stores Limited (MSL) will deploy a new medical supply chain pilot project using sophisticated analytics and mobile technologies to better manage medicine inventory and delivery. 

The Ministry of Health is introducing innovative technology to manage a scalable supply chain and control the usage, supply, availability and access to essential medicine within the Zambian health sector. The solution will provide a real-time view of drug usage and stock while analyzing data to identify trends and forecasts to prevent gaps in the medical supply chain. 

"Besides potential lives saved, a digital system based on timely data could have related benefits such as lower costs, better management of scarce resources, better procurement decisions, and improved accountability throughout the supply chain," said Jérémie Gallien, Associate Professor of Management and Operations, London Business School, who led the academic research. 

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