Deloitte Institute Founder offering 3D printing for start-up brands

Banneya was founded by Nimesh Thakrar and has a name based on the Hindi word "to make". Thakrar told Professional Jeweller that he hopes to "democratise" luxury manufacture in the UK by allowing CAD-proficient jewellery designers on-demand access to the additive manufacture technology.

The project has won support of the London Business School Incubator programme, of which it is a member, and was a recipient of the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award 2013.

Banneya has started accepting applications through its site, offering design and technical support and the chance for designers to have a piece of jewellery produced in sterling silver for free and an entry into Banneya’s first jewellery design award.
Beta designers will also be first in line for selection for the future Banneya marketplace.

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